Accepted contributed papers

  • Adanali, Hadi, “Analogies in Islamic Thought”
  • Archambault, Jacob, “Consequence and proportionality in Boethius’s De Differentiis Topicis
  • D’Almeida, Luis Duarte & Claudio Michelon, “The Structure of Arguments by Analogy in Law”
  • Durand-Richard, Marie-Jose, “Analogical reasoning as an inventive and generalizing process in algebra (Great-Britain, 1801-1954)”
  • Goltzberg, Stefan, “Strategic reading and far-fetched analogies in legal cultures from East and West”
  • Hetmański, Marek, “Information metaphors and analogies”
  • Höchsmann, Hyun, “Analogical Reasoning: From India, China and Greece to Wittgenstein”
  • Janssen-Lauret, Frederique M., “The Milindapanha’s Chariot Analogy and Its Ramifications for Contemporary Ontology”
  • Lee, Kyoo, “Like a Butterfly Flying One Way or Another, Not Just ‘The Other’ Way Around: How Zhuangzi’s Materialist Analogism Departs from Descartes’s Proportional Rationalism”
  • Lloyd, Keith, “Thinking Across Cultural Boundaries: India’s Nyāya Methods and the Centrality of Analogic Reasoning”
  • Lomuscio, Vincenzo, “The analogia proportionalitatis as identity of operators”
  • Sandstad, Petter, “Expert-analogies in Ancient Greece: A typo of logically valid analogies”
  • Stamatellos, Giannis, “Analogical Reasoning in Heraclitus of Ephesus”
  • Uygun, Duygu, “Can Relational Ontology Provide a New Ground for Analogy?”
  • Vencovska, Alena, “Analogy in Pure Inductive Logic”
  • Vrhovski, Jan, “Analogical Past, Logical Modernity: Zhāng Shēnfŭ (张申府) and the Confluence of Holism and Logical Method in Chinese “Intellectual Enlightenment'”

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